2016 MainStrasse Village Association Executive Board Members

2016 MainStrasse Executive Board Members

  • Amy Kummler President and Mardi Gras Chair
  • Lee Bledsoe, Vice President (Capital Improvements Committee Chair)
  • Tom Fessler, Treasurer and Festival Committee Chair
  • Jeremy Braun, Community Garden Committee Chair
  • Kristin Schroeder, Resident Committee Chair
  • Jimmy Salzarulo, Board Member and Co-Chair Business/Marketing Committee Leader
  • Paul Weckman, Board Member and Community Garden Oversight
  • Chris Henry, Board Member
  • Brenda Zechmeister, Board Member
  • Chris Penn, Board Member
  • Scott Roseburrough, Board Member
  • Margie Potts, Board Member
  • Annie Venerable, Board Member
  • Amy Myhaver, Board Member

Our Executive Director is Kim Blank and our Administrative Coordinator is Donna Kremer. For questions or comment, please send to dkremer@mainstrasse.org and she will route to the appropriate party. Information on meetings and schedules can be found here.